Former Volunteer Activities


  • Board Member, The Arab Bankers Association in North America (ABANA), New York
  • Board Member, The International Air Carriers Association, Brussels
  • Member, Arab Bankers Association (ABA), London
  • Member (represented TMA at General Assemblies), IATA, AACO, & SITA

Business Associations

  • General Coordinator, the Lebanese Economic Support Center (a landmark initiative by the major 14 Economic Organizations)
  • Board member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of Beirut & Mount Lebanon, and Chairman, of the Administration Committee
  • Chairman, the Ethics and Transparency Committee at the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman, the Globalization Committee at The Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), and Secretary General, Economic Bureau
  • Member, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists
  • Member, the Committee for SME’s, and the Committee on Trade Agreements at the Federation of Lebanese Chambers of Commerce

Private-Public Initiatives

  • Board member, The Higher Council of Aviation in Lebanon
  • Board member, The Lebanese Tourism Development Board (CNTL)
  • Board member, The Lebanese National Quality Center
  • Board member, The National Council on Trade and Transport
  • Board Member, Feu Vert Association


  • Vice Chairman (former Secretary General) of the Lebanese chapter of Transparency International (Lebanese Transparency Association- LTA)
  • Chairman of the Information and Media Committee at the Lebanese Corporate Governance Task Force
  • Chairman of the Advocacy and Lobby Group at the National Network for the Right of Access to Information & Whistle Blower Protection
  • General Coordinator of the Lebanese Anti-Bribery Network


  • Advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Transport
  • Advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Tourism
  • Advisory Board member, Tourism and Hospitality at Balamand University
  • Part-time EMBA instructor at the Lebanese American University (LAU)
  • Guest speaker and lecturer at several universities, conferences & roundtables
  • Expert Advisor or Private Sector Representative in various taskforces initiated by international organizations and government donors
  • Contributed to local and international studies & research projects
  • Authored articles on current socio-economic issues
  • Organized/Moderated local and international economic & business events
  • Coordinated workshops/training programs on entrepreneurship and leadership